Xit Disposal specializes in Vacant Lot Cleanup and Vacant Lot Clearings.   When property owners in Las Vegas, NV are given a citation notice by the city to maintain city code and standards, they must act within 2 weeks to clean up their lot.  Xit Disposal will remove overgrown trees, remove onsite debris, trash piles, illegal dumping and bring the property back up to city standards.  We work with the health district and city ordinance officials and we guarantee passing grades on post cleanup inspections.

Before - Vacant Lot Cleanup
Before - Vacant Lot Cleanup

a Before photo of homeless encampment removal from a vacant lot cleanup and high growth tree removal

After  -Vacant Lot Cleanup
After -Vacant Lot Cleanup

An after photo after they called Xit Disposal. The property manager received a passing grade from the city ordinance official which is guaranteed on all our work

Before - Vacant Lot Clearance
Before - Vacant Lot Clearance

a Before photo of a Vacant Lot Clearance

After - Vacant Lot Cleanup
After - Vacant Lot Cleanup

Once Xit Disposal was called this vacant lot clearance passed with flying colors

Before - Tree removal
Before - Tree removal

Removing High growth is crucial for property owners to avoid homeless encampments from setting up and also illegal dumping

After - Tree removal
After - Tree removal

After removing high growth trees we make it impossible for unwanted visitors to make themselves at home on your property while trashing up the place


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